Automatic up and down fiber laser cutting machine

Automatic up and down fiber laser cutting machine

operating principle:

Automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically CLIP material, into the knife, feed material, size setting, fixed number of downtime and work measurement and other functions. The main circuit of the machine is operated by PLC programmable logic controller. Automatic feed, clamping, cutting system, accurate feed, fast, can cut 10-50 times per minute. The counter can be set to cut the number of times, cut the material after the automatic stop. There is no need for manual operation, higher electromechanical integration, or even one person can operate multiple units, reducing employees. Total counters can count up to one day's workload. The total pressure, front, rear, and pressure can be adjusted without segment adjustment to ensure that the workpiece does not pinch and deform. A servo tube cutter is used. The length accuracy of the pipe is guaranteed to be within 0.05 mm plus or minus(the error is mainly generated on the steel pipe and the tool).), sheen hairless edge.

matters needing attention

Technical parameters:

modelGH1000W/1500W/2000W/3000w/4000WGuohong Laser
Processing pipe(diameter X length)Ф20-Ф220×6200mm 
Pneumatic double motion front and rear ChuckФ220Guohong Laser
Y axis maximum idle speed(m/min)120 
Y axis maximum acceleration(m/s2)2G 
Spin speed(r/min)150 
Cutting precision(mm)±0.1 
W, Y, Z axis repeated positioning accuracy(mm)±0.05 
Cutting power(w)1000W 
Tail not greater than(mm)<200 
Drive ModeGear rack + synchronous wheelTooth YYC
CNC systemPachu system 
Cutting headRAYTOOLSSwitzerland
guide25/20guideTaiwanese silver
A reducer110-90Japanese Xinbao

Product Samples:

Automatic up and down fiber laser cutting machine


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