Pipe laser cutting machine

Pipe laser cutting machine

Product characteristics:

1. Equipped with a professional Baichu CNC system, simple typesetting can be achieved. Automatic corner energy on the corner of the cutting square pipe, cutting speed, to achieve a perfect cutting effect. Manual to center, professional fixture design, peer process in the leading position to ensure cutting effect

2. Advanced card plate clamp system. Self-adjusting center of the Chuck, automatically adjust the clamping force according to the profile specifications, to ensure that the thin tube clip is not damaged.

3. Quick angle cutting system. Quick angle response greatly improves cutting efficiency.

The function of the special laser cutting machine for pipe:

1. Can cut a number of cylindrical interconnecting holes in different directions and different diameters on the supervisor to meet the conditions for the vertical intersection of the axis of the branch pipe and the axis of the main axis, eccentric and non-eccentric.

2. Can cut the end end of the cylindrical cross line at the end of the branch pipe to meet the conditions for the intersection of the axis of the branch pipe with the vertical and tilt intersection of the eccentric and non-eccentric axis of the main axis.

3. Can cut the oblique end surface at the end of the round pipe.

4. Can cut the end of the branch line that intersects with the ring supervisor.

5. Can perform square tube cutting and 360 ° flip cutting.

6. Can cut square holes and waist holes on round tubes.

7. Can perform various steel pipe truncation.

Technical parameters:

modelGH1000W/1500W/2000W/3000w/4000WGuohong Laser
Processing pipe(diameter X length)20-220×6200mm 
Pneumatic double motion front and rear Chuck220Guohong Laser
Y axis maximum idle speed(m/min)120 
Y axis maximum acceleration(m/s2)2G 
Spin speed(r/min)150 
Cutting precision(mm)±0.1 
W, Y, Z axis repeated positioning accuracy(mm)±0.05 
Cutting power(w)1000W 
Tail not greater than(mm)<200 
Drive ModeGear rack + synchronous wheelTooth YYC
CNC systemPachu system 
Cutting headRAYTOOLSSwitzerland
guide25/20guideTaiwanese silver
A reducer110-90Japanese Shimpo

Pipe laser cutting machine


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