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Influence of module composition of fiber laser on cutting quality

2020-07-22 13:48:35

Fiber laser is the core part of laser cutting machine. Generally speaking, it has great influence on the cutting effect of laser cutting machine.When choosing laser cutting machine, customers pay much attention to the brand, service life and even module integration mode of fiber laser.So, today xiaobian to introduce to you the fiber laser module composition.

The module composition of fiber laser is divided into single mode and multi-mode. In the cutting application, the focusing spot has a great influence on the quality of cutting. The fiber core of single-mode laser is relatively thin, and the beam quality is better than multi-mode.

The fiber core of the multimode laser is thicker, the beam quality is worse than that of the single mode, the energy distribution is more average than that of the single mode spot, the THREE-DIMENSIONAL image is an inverted cup, from the steepness of the edge, the multimode is much steeper than that of the single mode.

Compare 1.5KW single mode and 1.5KW multi-mode laser with the same power

The cutting speed of 1mm thin plate is 20% higher than that of multi-mode, and the visual effect is similar. However, starting from 2mm, the speed advantage gradually decreases. Starting from 3mm, the speed and effect of high-power multi-mode laser are very obvious, as shown in the figure below:

So the advantage of the single mode in sheet, multimode in thick plate, the advantages of single-mode and multimode did not compare the value of a configuration is fiber laser, is just like a car, the car is suitable for highway, off-road mountain, but the car can run mountain, cross-country can also run road, so exactly choose multimode fiber laser or single mode depends on the actual processing needs to end customer.

So how do we choose between single mode and multiple mode?

Suggestions: From the perspective of power level classification, the thickness of the processing material of the laser within 1000W is mainly inclined to thin plate due to its low energy. Therefore, the single-mode configuration of the laser within 1KW is more in line with the actual market situation, while the laser with power above 1KW should be both thin and thick.Speaking from the whole processing industry, the improvement of processing quality is a rigid demand, can not compromise, so many high power laser selection will not consider single mode, must ensure the processing quality for the first!

At the same time, the single mode fiber core is generally thin, in which means that the same power laser transmission, light energy of single mode fiber core carrying more, on the material is a test, when cutting high against the materials at the same time, high intensity of reflected light and shoot laser overlay, if fiber material lack of tolerance will be very easy to cook "core", at the same time to the fiber core material life is also a challenge!So many laser manufacturers in the high power fiber laser configuration still choose multi-mode configuration!


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