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Protective measures for operating laser cutting machines.

2020-09-01 08:52:57

When using laser cutting machine for industrial operation, some necessary protective measures are needed to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Eye protection

Generally when we were in the use of laser cutting machine are habitual like staring at the laser cutting head has been, but a habit that is of the greatest killers in the eyes, because has been a long time staring cutting sparks, the eyes are hurt, obviously a feeling is watching for a long time can let an eye tingling, this is the most direct damage, in laser cutting processing, at the same time also will shoot laser special a substance, the substance and highly concentrated in processing workshop, through the eyes of refractive media directly above the focus on the retina image formation,This causes the energy density on the retina retina to be higher than the energy density on the cornea 104 archives, thus causing damage to the cornea or retina of the eye.


Skin protection

In addition to the eyes, the laser for the stimulation of the skin is not small, laser can cause the damage of skin tissue, but the damage to the skin to repair itself, though it is a drop in the overall function of the skin, but will not affect the function of the overall structure, but if long time don't pay attention to in under the laser irradiation, can cause skin burns or scars, although compared with the eyes, the laser for skin damage much smaller, but also to cause enough attention.


Respiratory protection

And finally, when you're operating a laser cutter, it can affect your respiratory tract.Because the laser will produce a certain high temperature, which can be combined with the gas to complete all kinds of cutting work. In this process, a large amount of dust will be produced, especially in the processing of some special metal materials, the dust produced will contain many chemical components, so it will be harmful to human body after inhalation.

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