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Do these laser cutting machine can perfectly process medium and thick plates

2020-09-02 09:05:50

Laser cutting machine as an advanced means of material cutting has been more and more accepted by sheet metal producers.With the continuous progress of computer control technology and optical technology, people have higher and higher expectations for its processing capacity, which is not only to be able to cut, but also to cut well and fast.And can give the answer of course can not leave the performance of the processing machine, at the same time the merits of the processed materials also directly affect the answer.

1. Carbon steel thick plate perforation problem

Laser cutting machine in time accounts for a large proportion of perforation plate processing, laser manufacturers have developed fast perforation technology, a more representative is high-energy perforated holes (Fried), the advantage of this method is faster for t16mm (1 second, for example, the same below), but the defect is not only affect the shape of a small processing, punch the injection of huge energy make plate temperature will affect the whole cutting process.With a low power pulse, the perforation takes a long time (12 seconds), resulting in a decrease in cutting efficiency and an increase in unit cost.

2. Quality problem of cutting surface

When processing medium thick plate often encounter imperfect cutting section, such cutting not only the quality of the finished product is questioned, but also accompanied by overburning and serious slag, so that it does not reflect the high price of laser processing machine is different from the value of other cutting means.

3. Processing stability of the whole plate

In the whole plate processing of domestic steel products, the phenomenon of poor regional processing often occurs.This phenomenon is sometimes very random, even when the processing machine is in good condition.In order to deal with the local defective products, the whole work schedule is greatly affected. Here, the author also gives some analysis and countermeasures for the processing failure of unknown reasons.

1. Peak perforation (HPP) scheme

As the name suggests, it USES peak value pulse laser with small duty ratio, supplemented by non-fuel injection on the material surface to clear the attachment at the edge of the hole, and controls the reasonable frequency of pulse while cooling while perforating.It is characterized by relatively long hole blast time (3 seconds), but the diameter of the hole is small (about 4mm) and the edge of the hole without attachment and low heat input, which is convenient for the following normal cutting and processing. Compared with ordinary hole blast, the efficiency is increased by 4 times.

2. Improvement plan for cutting section

The important factor to improve the cutting section of carbon steel is to control the heat input to the plate and to ensure the full combustion of the laser exposed part.

3. The scheme to ensure the processing stability

At present, in order to improve the running speed of the processing machine, the laser machine mostly adopts the structure known as flight light path, that is, the material tray is not moved and the processing head moves in the whole machined area.In order to compensate for the change of the relative position of the machining head and the light source, the manufacturers also try their best to ensure the consistency of the light spot within the machining range.This method, although simple in structure, will change the depth of focus, making it difficult to cut in a very sensitive to the depth of focus plate (both to keep the same spot and the same depth of focus).

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