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Cooling water requirements for optical fiber lasers

2020-07-18 09:17:02

Cooling water requirements for optical fiber lasers

It is required to replace the cooling water of the fiber laser once every three months. The cooling water is watsons distilled water, and the conductivity is required to be 30us/cm< 50us/cm.If the conductivity is greater than 50US /cm, the cooling water should be replaced in time.If the conductivity is less than 30us/cm, tap water can be added to the cooling water. When adding tap water, pay attention to monitor the conductivity value to avoid exceeding the requirements.

Keep the case airtight

The case of fiber laser adopts closed design.Please keep the case airtight during use to prevent high temperature and humidity outside from entering the case.The inspection of enclosure should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Whether the door of each machine cabinet is closed and secured;Whether the lifting bolt at the top is tightened;Whether the protection cover of the unused communication control interface at the back of the chassis is properly covered and the used one is properly fixed;Whether the inlet of the power cord is sealed, etc.

2. If the cabinet door of the chassis needs to be opened for some reason during use, the chiller should be closed before the cabinet door can be started.After the cabinet door can be closed, please turn on the power switch of the laser in accordance with the boot sequence. After running for more than 60 minutes, turn on the chiller. After the actual temperature of high and low warm water of the chiller reaches ±1℃, the optical fiber laser will be put on high pressure.


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