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How to control cutting quality in laser cutting process?

2020-07-21 09:07:16

One of the most important advantages of metal laser cutting is that it can control the cutting quality very well.However, if the pursuit of speed and neglect of cutting quality, then the original value of laser cutting technology will be lost.Similarly, for enterprises, the processing speed is improved, but if the samples are cut in a rough way, the reputation of the product will be reduced, the value of the product cannot be exerted on the client side, and the revenue will be damaged, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to control the quality of laser cutting.As we all know, the quality of laser cutting is closely related to the speed, materials, auxiliary gases and so on.In addition to these factors, what other man-made controllable factors in the actual production process affect the cutting quality?

1. Cutting design

Before cutting, make scientific and reasonable cutting design, and carefully review and revise the design drawings.

2. Cutting process

When cutting, equipment operators should not only adjust the relevant parameters of the machine according to the material thickness and material, but also pay close attention to the cutting quality of the sample, timely adjust and deal with the problems found, and then conduct batch cutting after making the sample OK.

3. Adjust the focus correctly

Adjust the focus position according to the cutting material and thickness. Generally, zero focal length is suitable for the thin carbon steel under 5mm, with the focus on the surface of the workpiece.Aluminum, stainless steel and other workpiece with negative focal length, the focus is under the surface of the workpiece;For the cutting of thick steel plate generally use the positive focal length, the focus on the workpiece surface.


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