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Use of linear motors in laser cutting machines

2020-07-22 13:43:40

In the configuration of laser cutting machine, besides laser, cutting head and machine tool, linear motor is also a very important part.

In recent years, with the improvement of linear motor technology, compared with the traditional transmission mode, the "direct drive" mode of linear motor has higher dynamic characteristics and control accuracy, higher feed speed and acceleration, longer service life, as well as lower vibration noise and less wear.Therefore, linear motor has been developed rapidly in the use of laser cutting machine.

Principle of linear motor: Linear motor refers to a driving device that USES the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electric energy directly into linear motion kinetic energy. It is a motor that can realize reciprocating linear motion.The world's first commercial line of maglev - Shanghai maglev train is based on this principle.

Advantages of linear motor: 1.2. High precision;3. No mechanical wear, long service life;4. The transmission system has simple structure and high efficiency;5. Run quietly.

With the development of technology, the performance of linear motor is improved and the cost is reduced, which creates conditions for its wide application.On the other hand, laser cutting machine application industry such as sheet metal industry constantly put forward higher requirements for cutting quality and cutting efficiency.To this end, linear motor driven laser cutting machine came into being.Because of its fast speed, large acceleration, high positioning accuracy, and the market by the high-end customers of the favor.

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