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How to control the height of cutting head of optical fiber laser cutting machine?

2020-07-23 10:34:54

Optical fiber laser cutting machine for different thickness of steel, the use of different parameters.Because of the laser cutting machine speed, the operator with the eye, the operation of manual adjustment is not good, the response speed is certainly not.It is important to keep the cutting height stable, especially when the cutting sheet, or material surface has grain, low flatness or limited cutting processing environment.

In order to compensate for the instability of height control during manual cutting, the metal plane laser cutting machine is equipped with a follow-up capacitance adjustor.In the future, no matter how thick the cutting board is, its height can be kept consistent. According to the thickness of the cutting material, the cutting height can be increased or decreased appropriately, so as to ensure the cutting quality and effectively avoid the problem of cutting head touching the board.

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