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Steps for correcting misalignment of mechanical system of optical fiber laser cutting machine

2020-07-24 09:14:19

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a very rapid development of cutting equipment in recent years, has been widely welcomed in various industries.However, the fiber laser cutting machine will produce more or less displacement of the mechanical system after a long time of use, resulting in the quality of cutting products.So how to correct the mechanical system is particularly important, the mechanical system correction degree directly affects the product effect.

The unevenness of the two guides on the shaft is corrected by using laser light until the light spots on both ends of the shaft are consistent up and down.Then move the laser head to the near axis.Light back and forth in the direction of the axis until the X-axis remote and proximal spot is in the same direction up and down;Then the laser head is illuminated at the four corners of the table to judge whether the light spot at the lower right corner is consistent with the other three spots.The spot on the lower right corner is tilted upward;Take spot deflection as an example to illustrate: first relax the four screws between the aluminum under the left guide rail and the fixing block (namely the big screws at both ends of the guide rail), add a small piece of iron between the aluminum and the fixing block in the lower left corner to raise the aluminum and tighten the screws;3. Repeat step 1 again to check whether the light spot is consistent;If low add small pieces of iron, repeat 3, (step, until the four spots are consistent up and down.Non - horizontal calibration of the table on the table with a table about the size of the plate, and then put a 5mm small square on it.

1. Move the laser cutter to an Angle of the table, move the nozzle up and down to the surface of the small square, then move the laser head to the other three angles of the table, test the distance between the nozzle and the plate with the small square respectively, if the height is different, find the lowest Angle position as the reference;

2. Relax the screws fixing the table, slowly knock the table down in turn at the screw position, then move the laser head to this position, test the distance between the nozzle and the plate with a small square, if not the same height, continue to knock down and test its height, until the height of the place is the same as the reference point.

3. Move the laser head to other places and repeat step 2 until the height of the whole table is the same as the reference point. Tighten all the screws used to fix the table.Straight Angle adjustment, on A tablet or cardboard cut the size of A rectangle of A mesa, the quantity of the diagonal line, A line of the upper right corner to the lower left corner line, line B lines to the upper left corner to the lower right corner with B shall prevail, such as A line more than 3 mm long, (as A tooth bit by 3 mm) will be on the right side of the machine Y direction of the synchronous belt to relax, beating the corresponding belt teeth make modulus of downward deflection, tighten belt again, adjust the light path until less than 3 mm, then the right Y axis of the synchronous belt (i.e., by laser tube) upper adjusting lever to relax, to the bottom of the regulating rod screw locking, fine-tuning the light path,This is repeated several times until the diagonal is the same length.


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