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How to debug the laser cutting machine to make it cut faster and better?

2020-09-02 09:00:25

How to debug the laser cutting machine to make it cut faster and better?In fact, the laser cutting machine is just like a car, which needs to be tested and adjusted before leaving the factory. In order to keep the equipment in a good running state, the laser cutting machine has many components and some parts have a short maintenance period.Protective lenses, for example, need to be updated frequently, depending on the frequency of cutting and working hours.

How to debug laser cutting machine

Adjust the machine assembly to improve the machine cutting effect.

1, guide: the installation of guide must be parallel, if the guide is not parallel, then the machine will run resistance, cutting out the workpiece will have serrated edge, so the Y-axis guide must ensure parallel.

2. Beam and coupling: During installation, if the screws of the machine are not fastened or are inclined or loose when they are locked, the cutting effect of laser cutting machine will be affected.So the installation quality and precision of the parts must be guaranteed.

Second, debug laser machine parameters, improve the machine cutting speed.

In the process of cutting, it is necessary to adjust the machine parameters step by step. In general, if the machine parameters are not adjusted well, the speed and effect of cutting will be affected to some extent.When leaving the factory, each laser cutting machine can set and save parameters according to the power size, cutting material and thickness.In the later stage, it can be adjusted by itself as users' demands.Generally, the following points should be paid attention to when setting parameters:

1. Initial speed: As the name implies, this setting is the starting speed of the machine.The initial speed is not as fast as possible. In fact, if the speed is too fast, the machine may shake very badly at the beginning.

2. Acceleration: When the machine is in production, there is an acceleration process from the initial speed to the normal cutting. Similarly, there is a deceleration process when the machine is ready to finish cutting.

Third, the laser cutting machine precision debugging method.

1. When the focal point of the laser is adjusted to the minimum, the initial effect can be established by spot-shooting. The focal distance can be judged by the size of the spot effect.

2, in the first part of the laser cutting machine debugging, we can use some debugging paper, workpiece waste to spot shoot to determine the accuracy of the focal length position.If you move the height of the laser head up and down, the size of the laser spot will vary.Adjust different positions several times, find out the smallest spot position to determine the focal length and the best position of the laser head.

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